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Catching Up

2018-02-07 19:06:42 by CV35W

And I'm back from the dead.

Here's what's been happening.

-Put the game I was working on on hold until I find a decent programmer

-Planning a webcomic

-Being less lazy

...that's about it. So yeah, that's a year. Expect more soundtracks sometime soon.

CV out.

When the Click Just Right

2017-02-27 16:06:10 by CV35W

I accidentally clicked "1" when I was rating something by accident.



I Got No Time

2017-01-26 21:10:51 by CV35W

I'm hoping to push out at least one new track by the end of this month- although I do have a lot of stuff going on.


Don't worry, I'll try to make it good.

Of course, one of my favorite mobile games is also getting a big update on the 31st, so here's hoping I finish a track before I get sucked in.

1st Follower

2017-01-14 17:36:32 by CV35W

Woo, my first fan! Thanks to Fanfollow for doing exactly what their username implies!


Oh, and there's three more tracks I'm working on that will be released in the near future.

Audio Portal?!

2016-07-22 10:33:10 by CV35W

Whoa, I'm actually being scouted! That's pretty awesome :D

Thanks NekoMika for scouting me!